CEF projects virtual hackathon launched on 4 July!

Jul 13, 2022News

CEF projects virtual hackathon launched on 4 July!

Jul 13, 2022News

 2×1 Hackathon – Shed light-on red traffic lights and urban greenery status

The consortium of SPOTTED and DYDAS  – both projects funded by the CEF programme – together launched a virtual hackathon for developers, researchers, students or technology enthusiasts. Two different challenges, cash prizes and the opportunity to show your solution in front of city executives such as Milan and Helsinki, are just some of the privileges that the potential winners will receive.


The  CEF projects virtual hackathon will be a competition for innovative ideas aimed at developing new smart services, solutions or applications in the sector of Smart Mobility, urban green areas management and open data (including satellite data and  Earth Observation data). The aim is to create innovative solutions to support  technical and business activity. 

  • the implementation of innovative systems applied to diverse domains (e.g. Smart Mobility, and  Smart Cities but not limited to these);
  • the adoption of Open Data in the context of all the vertical domains  mentioned, using also data available in the European Data Portal;
  • leveraging the Building Blocks promoted by CEF project: primarily Context Broker 
  • the development and long-term sustainability of (but not limited to) European Cities.


  • Show off your innovative ideas aimed at developing new services, solutions or applications 
  • Get the chance to present your solution in front of a distinguished jury
  • Win prizes worth up to 10K euros**, global promotion, and eternal glory
  • Build up your solution for the european’s most popular cities


  • Smart Mobility & Smart Cities. Shed Light-on red traffic lights – Challenge is proposed by the DYDAS consortium Launch date: 1st of July 2022 – End date: 15th of  October 2022. Submit by 10 October 2022. Data driven Traffic Lights optimization in large cities using open data and DYDAS platform.
  • Satellite  &  Open Data – Shed Light-on urban greenery status – Challenge proposed by the SPOTTED consortium Launch:  1st of July 2022 – End Date: 16th of November 2022. Submit by 11 November 2022


  • 1st place: 5000 euro
  • 2nd place: 3000 euro
  • 3rd place: 2000 euro

Terms&Conditons, applications form, Contact person and many others information  on https://www.fiware.org/the-virtual-hackathon-of-cef-projects/