SPOTTED Hackathon – Join the upcoming free hackathon event

Jan 6, 2023Events

SPOTTED Hackathon – Join the upcoming free hackathon event

Jan 6, 2023Events

New year, new challenge?

You have until 17 January 2023 to participate in the 2×1 CEF Hackathon. Apply to pilot your solution in European Cities, win prize money, and get global visibility.

The 2×1 Hackathon initiative is dedicated to Open Data, promoted within the European projects and financed by Connecting Europe Facility program: DYDAS – DYnamic Data Analytics Services and SPOTTED – Satellite Open Data for Smart City Services Development.

The CEF Hackathon involves relevant European Cities, such as Milan (Italy), Rome (Italy), and Helsinki (Finland). The 2×1 CEF Hackathon proposes 2 opportunities for researchers and experts who want to submit their proposal in one or both of the available challenges.

CEF Hackathon – Initiative of EC in the Context of EU Projects

The Virtual Hackathon is a competition for innovative ideas aimed at developing new smart services, solutions, or applications in the sector of Smart Mobility, Urban Green Areas Management, and Open Data (including Satellite Data and Earth Observation Data). The aim is to create innovative solutions to support technical and business activity.

  • The implementation of innovative systems applied to diverse domains (e.g. Smart Mobility, and Smart Cities but not limited to these);
  • the adoption of Open Data in the context of all the vertical domains mentioned, also using data available in the European Data Portal;
  • leveraging the Building Blocks promoted by the CEF Project: primarily Context Broker;
  • the development and long-term sustainability of (but not limited to) European Cities.

What is in It for You:

  • Show off your innovative ideas aimed at developing new services, solutions, or applications.
  • Get the chance to present your solution in front of a distinguished jury.
  • Win prizes worth up to 10K euros**, global promotion, and eternal glory.
  • Pilot your solution in the most popular European Cities.

Join the “Open Data for Urban Green and Mobility” Event

Join the free “Open Data for Urban Green and Mobility” event on 11 January 2023 from 10:00-13:00 (CET), a hybrid event dedicated to responding to the Hackathon promoted by the consortium of the DYDAS EU and SPOTTED projects. In particular, the meeting represents a concrete opportunity to respond to the proposed challenge of the Hackathon related to traffic management and the use of satellite data for urban area management. SPOTTED/DYDAS 2×1 Hackathon working groups can also be created at this event. Each group can organize their work until the Hackathon closing date, scheduled for January 17.

You can find the agenda of the event here.
Register for the event and attend it in person or remotely.

For more information about the challenges, Terms & Conditions, how to apply, and more, please visit the Hackathon page.