Revolutionizing Smart Cities with Satellite Open Data

Jun 30, 2023Events, News

Revolutionizing Smart Cities with Satellite Open Data

Jun 30, 2023Events, News

Francesco Mureddu, Senior Director at The Lisbon Council made a notable presence at the FIWARE Global Summit where he took the stage to present the SPOTTED project – “Satellite Open Data for Smart City Services Development.” With great enthusiasm, Francesco shared an insightful overview of the project, highlighting its motivation, vision, objectives, approach, and work plan. 

Let’s discover in this post how SPOTTED integrates, combines, and innovates with satellite open data to create greener and more sustainable urban environments.


Integrating, Combining, and Innovating with Satellite Open Data
SPOTTED envisions cities efficiently managing green areas by integrating and processing massive open data collections, including Earth Observation data. The project combines artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, and customizable dashboards to automatically monitor, classify, manage, and predict land changes.


Driving Innovation and Value Creation
SPOTTED aims to generate innovation and value by implementing three pilot projects in Milan, Helsinki, and Naples. These pilots focus on monitoring and planning green areas in relation to factors like tourism impact, quality of life, and economic growth. By leveraging satellite open data and enabling technologies, SPOTTED seeks to open new business avenues and enhance existing services.



Transformative Pilots in Milan, Helsinki, and Naples
SPOTTED takes a data-driven approach through its pilots:

  1. Data-Driven Green and Just Transition (Milan):

The project develops a data platform to analyze and predict the impacts of green transformation initiatives in Milan. Machine learning tools assist in assessing, planning, and developing sustainability programs, supporting actions such as urban forest projects and building regeneration plans.

  1. Monitoring Sustainability of Tourism and Urban Planning (Helsinki):

In Helsinki, the pilot focuses on identifying green areas using satellite imagery to create data products for monitoring nature tourism sustainability and supporting urban planning efforts.

  1. Monitoring Urban Regeneration Strategies (Naples):

The Naples pilot utilizes satellite images to create thematic maps for analyzing and continuously monitoring urban regeneration strategies.

The SPOTTED project demonstrates how satellite open data can revolutionize smart city management. Through its integrated approach and innovative pilots in Milan, Helsinki, and Naples, SPOTTED aims to drive sustainable and greener urban development. By combining AI, cloud technologies, and open data, SPOTTED paves the way for smarter, more environmentally conscious cities worldwide.