Milano Digital Week 2023: insights from SPOTTED

Sep 13, 2023Events, News

Milano Digital Week 2023: insights from SPOTTED

Sep 13, 2023Events, News


In a world where urbanization is rapidly advancing, the need for sustainable urban policies has never been more critical. To address this challenge, the SPOTTED EU project is pioneering a groundbreaking approach that combines open satellite data with artificial intelligence (AI) to manage green spaces in smart cities effectively. This innovative project is set to take center stage at a special event on October 9, 2023, at Palazzo Marino – Sala Commissioni in Milan, Italy. 

The Event: Insights, Collaboration, and Policy Brief Launch

The upcoming event on October 9, 2023, promises to be a catalyst for positive change in urban sustainability. It has three primary objectives:

  1. Raising Awareness: The event seeks to raise awareness about the transformative potential of open data in urban sustainability. By showcasing the SPOTTED project’s progress, it aims to inspire urban policymakers, environmentalists, and technology enthusiasts to embrace data-driven solutions for greener, more sustainable cities.
  2. Promoting Collaboration: Collaboration among stakeholders is essential to drive meaningful change. The event serves as a platform for various stakeholders, including researchers, policymakers, and industry experts, to come together, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities for collaboration.
  3. Inspiring Action: Perhaps the most crucial objective of the event is to inspire actionable steps toward creating greener, more sustainable urban environments. The culmination of the event will be the launch of the latest policy brief, highlighting the impact of SPOTTED pilots on the integration of open data and AI for green area management in smart cities.

Speakers and Presentations

  1. Francesco Mureddu (Senior Director, the Lisbon Council): Francesco Mureddu, the coordinator of the SPOTTED consortium, will kick off the event with a special presentation. He will set the stage by discussing the overarching goals and significance of the project.
  2. Anna Pizzamiglio (Research Associate and Project Manager, the Lisbon Council): Anna Pizzamiglio will present the latest policy brief, shedding light on the real-world impact of SPOTTED pilots and how they are shaping urban policies for a greener future.
  3. Antonio Filograna (Senior Researcher, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spa): Antonio Filograna, a key figure in the development of SPOTTED pilots, will provide technical insights into the project’s implementation, emphasizing the role of AI and open satellite data.
  4. Marcella Bonanomi (Project Manager for SPOTTED, Comune di Milano): Marcella Bonanomi will offer unique insights into how the City of Milan is benefiting from its SPOTTED pilot, showcasing tangible outcomes and lessons learned.

Event Details

Location: Palazzo Marino – Sala Commissioni, Milan, Italy

Date and Time: Monday, October 9, 2023, from 16:00 to 18:00

Registration: Click HERE

Online Attendance: For those unable to attend in person, online participation via Teams is also possible.